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Vaksin Covid Bunuh Virus, Tetapi Tidak Masalah Hutang Global

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Assalamualaikum semua, Kak Aida (some people call me Kak Yong) nak share some info :point_down: happy weekend reading ?Long term bullish for the metal, In short term we expect volatility (turun naik) in gold price. Stimulus package is still not out yet, until that happens, the gold price will still be ups and down.

Whatever it is the impact to economy is bigger than 2008 recession, and will take longer time ie more than 2 years to recover. Vaccine will kill virus (in sya allah), but will not kill the mountains of debt accumulating around the world.

Some analyst predicts that US dollar will weaken, and the risk of higher inflation may happen in 2021. Central banks / fed reserves will keep Interest rate low for a while to boost up the economy; and this is good for gold as well as silver.

On the other hand, Saxo Bank predicts it will also be bullish for Silver and expected silver price will double up to usd 50, probably a repeat pattern as in 2008, reason being due to movement towards green technology.

What drives gold will also drives silver, however silver has a wide range of industrial uses, including electronics and solar panels, demand for this metal should rise from this angle as well.

Some lights there for silver too.

Being a Public Gold member, we have an advantage because we can buy SAP and also Physical Silver. ?

Oleh: Yong Shuhaida Binti Ramli (PG00154627)
Priority Dealer Emas2U
Call/Whatsapp: 013-352 5250

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